My Choice: Cage for Sony Alpha a7s

I always mention the fact that I don't like using still cameras for video. If you have read any of my posts on the subject, you're probably tired of it. Well, here I go again.

I'm making the best of this situation for the sake of shooting 4K without breaking the bank, although I have to admit that Sony, Canon, Nikon and all other camera manufacturers have come a long way in providing adequate video features on still cameras. I also realize that it's fun to customize your own rig however you see fit; expensive, but fun.

Small wonder among giants

The a7s is a relatively small still camera, not much to hold on to. Even though it seems pretty strong and built mostly of metal, its size conveys the illusion of frailty. I quickly decided I was going to need a cage for this little wonder.

I looked at everything on the market I could find. Functionality may be the most important feature when it comes to cages, but I have to admit that I also consider appearance as an important feature of design. I have found that looks go hand in hand with functionality, most of the time.

I decided on the cage from Motion9. ( They call it the CUBE. I purchased it from eBay and got it quite fast. All the other cages I inquired about seemed to work fine and most were quite functional, but the CUBE seemed to have everything I wanted including "good looks."

The old venerable Pentax 6x7 medium format camera
I like the adjustable top handle on the CUBE - it can be repositioned and adjusted forward or aft to your preference. There are also numerous threaded holes throughout, to attach everything you need onto this camera.

They designed the CUBE with a cable guide/protection system. it consists of two rods and an attachment block with adjustable clamps. It looks a little awkward to me just protruding from the side, but it is functional and can also be used as a hand grip when holding the camera.

At first I didn't like the wooden grip, it seemed to me to be out of place on a high-tech camera. I have since grown to like it - it stands out, much like the old Pentax 6x7 wooden handle did in the old days.

I still remember the old days of film - I digress, sorry.

I can hookup anything I need on the cage, the controls on the Sony a7s are readily accessible and the camera is protected within the CUBE; what else can I ask for?

On the next post I'll delve into the 15mm rod system I decided on. Stay tuned.
Cage = protection

Rear view CUBE and Sony a7s - rod serves as a thumb rest

I would like to be clear here, I have NOT been given any of these products in exchange for positive reviews. These products have all been purchased and payed for by me with no help from these manufacturers.