My Choice: Full Rig Sans-Microphones

I wanted to show the rig as I finally put it together. I'm still waiting on the custom Lemo-XLR cables I ordered, so the two wireless mics are not shown.
Shogun mounted on matte-box

Sony a7s on a slider (micro-dolly)
The Sony Alpha a7s rests inside the (cage) CUBE made by Motionnine, it sits on top of the Pocket-Rig. The matte-box and follow-focus connect to the 15mm rods. The battery holder as well as the Shogun ride on the matte-box.

The battery marked Shogun #1 is actually running the camera - I'm using a dummy battery / DC coupler in the a7s that connects to a battery mount,  I have a smaller NP battery running the Shogun in these pictures, I normally run two NP-F970 batteries.

This rig is quite compact and works well for me. I can extend the shoulder brace on the pocket-rig and look through the viewfinder comfortably for hand-held work. 

I can also set it up on my micro-slider using my 501HDV head. Very compact indeed.

I'm using a hood recommended online that only cost $13 - the Koolertron 7 inch Sun Hood. It isn't a perfect fit, I had to modify the folds so it would work. It attaches with self adhesive velcro.